About Us

FCS Group is an international financial group of several financial companies operating around the world in all the existing financial services.

FCS Group aims to redefine the financial services industry by putting transparency beyond every other aspect of the business. After decades of financial excess in the banking industry and bad practices, FCS understands that there is an historic obligation and an opportunity to perform financial and non financial services in a totally different way, with more transparency, proffesionality and fairness with clients.

The seeds of FCS Group can be found 30 years ago when its partners started some of the first regulated financial companies. Since then, FCS has not stop growing and today has offices in London, Malta, Madrid and Luxembourg.

Founding Partners

Working together in the last decades, the partners of FCS Group are committed with the principles of transparency, honesty and professional excellence.

Among them, we can find recognised institutions and some of the most well known business professionals of the sector, from Senior Investment Bankers to University Professors.

The focus of its partners is long term value creation while committing to built up business with a focus only of professional excellence and transparency, which unfortunately is no so common.